Custom Fitting Program

Brands We Represent:

  • Callaway
  • Cobra
  • Ping
  • Taylor Made
  • Mizuno

River Park Golf Center is the place to go when you're looking for new equipment. We help hundreds of Central California's golfers choose equipment that makes the best sense for their ability level, golf goals and aptitude. Our Custom Fitting program is comprised of a very simple two-step process to help you select and order the clubs that are best for you.

Step 1

Visit our facility and let us know that you're interested in trying out some new equipment! We'll help you get set up with a bucket of golf balls and the clubs you want to try. Our staff will help you as we conduct a brief interview to help us understand your golf game and goals. Once we know a little bit about you, we'll be able to suggest a selection of equipment that might best suit your ability level and budget.

You will sample the clubs on your own on our practice range and see what 'sets up' properly to your eye, what feels good in your hands and what clubs you prefer over others. When you've identified the clubs that you like best, it's time to proceed to Step 2!

Step 2

Once you've identified what you like, the next step is to get our expert club fitters involved in the process!

Book an appointment for our full-service club fitting with our factory-trained fitters. During your club fitting session, your fitter will identify the correct variables that are crucial to a properly fitted golf club:

Every Club Fitting Account for the Following Factors:

  • Correct shaft (shaft construction, overall length, weight, launch properties, flex)
  • Correct loft
  • Correct lie angle
  • Shot shape
  • Grip type (diameter and composition)
  • Set composition

Lie Angle

Describing the angle in degrees between the sole of the golf club and the angle at which the shaft enters the club.

Correct Lie Angle

The proper lie angle is dependent on several factors. We will find a start point for your lie angle comparing your height and a measurement from your wrist to the floor. This part of the fitting is referred to as a static fitting. The dynamic portion of the fitting then begins. During the dynamic fitting, we will observe the flight of the balls you hit and change the lie angle of the club to produce consistent ball flight and maximum yardage.

Improper lie angle will result in poor ball flight and/or bad habits that are a result of making a swing compensation to keep the ball playable. A right handed golfer with clubs that are too short and/or too upright (toe of the club is off the ground at impact), the ball will move from right to left. If the clubs are too long and/or too flat (toe of the club is digging into the ground at impact), the ball will move left to right.

Our job is to find the lie angle that allows you to make a consistent golf swing that produces the most consistent result for you.


Driver Fitting Goal

  • Ball Speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Launch Angle
  • Shot Dispersion
  • Carry Distance

Ball Speed

The velocity at which the golf ball leaves the clubface. Ball speed is approximately 1.5 times the player’s club head speed. For example, if a player’s club head speed is 100 mph, their ball speed is approximately 150 mph, assuming center contact with driver.


Launch Angle

The angle at which the golf ball leaves the clubface in relation to the ground at impact. Launch angle can be visually identified during the first half of ball flight.


Golf Ball Spin

The amount of backspin and sidespin imparted to the golf ball by impact. Spin will effect distance and accuracy and can be visually identified during the second half of ball flight.

The club fitting process takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. At the conclusion of your fitting we will have identified the specifications for the optimal equipment for you and be able to SHOW you why and how that equipment works best.

Your specifications will be directly to the custom club department of the manufacturer. Your clubs will then be built and shipped to us. With few exceptions, lead time from order placement to delivery is 7 to 10 business days.

As a premiere custom fitting account we have the demo club selection, delivery priority and - most importantly - the qualified personnel to make buying custom fitted golf equipment a timely, fun and informative process.

Please call us today at (559) 448-9467 to book your custom fitting appointment.